Hola Amigo

Yesterday I was in our kitchen try to decide what to cook for dinner and my 6 year old nephew asked me to make a “taco ring”. Now if you aren’t familiar with a “taco ring”… Google that shit, it’s delicious. I’d explain it, but let’s be honest, this isn’t a cooking blog.

Once every thing was finished my nephew and I were talking and this is the conversation that transpired….

Me: Whatcha think buddy?

Him: Comasghrnjfhfjej!!

Me: What the Hell was that?!?!

Him: I’m speaking Spanish.

Me: Well, what did you say in Spanish?

Him: I don’t know, I speak Spanish so fluently, even I don’t know what I’m saying….

I love that little fucker.


Gotta Start Somewhere

Gotta Start Somewhere

Well I guess I should start by telling you about me. I’m a 34 year old dude that lives in an addition on the back of my brothers house. I don’t work anymore because I was in a bad car accident at work that has me temporarily disabled.

Before the accident, I feel like life was pretty decent. I had a caring and loving fiancé, an amazing job, little house out in the woods of West by God Virginia.

After the accident things went to shit. Turns out that loving fiancé I had stopped loving when the amazing job (money) went away… so I moved to Charleston South Carolina…

 So enough of that sappy shit. I love to talk, write, and laugh… so I figured… FUCK IT.. I’ll start a blog. Chances are you’ll eventually read some super funny shit, or super stupid shit, or even some super funny stupid shit. So yeah, I had to start somewhere.